Welcome to Holistic Styling

Egret in the Storm, Ohara Koson

Congratulations on your interest in embarking on this transformative journey!  I am always honored and excited to guide these journeys; as collaborative processes they inevitably inspire and change me as well.

This intensive, 5 session journey is the fundamental package for working with new clients. It is a commitment to shifting perspective. In each session, we will view the materials and strategies of styling as visualization and manifestation tools that can be used everyday. At the end of the journey, I create a personalized Style Portrait for each client, documenting the process and serving as an image and manual for the future.


After years working as a professional costume designer, stylist, and visual artist, I was asked by a friend, an entrepreneur on the cusp of personal and professional change, for help with styling. Our sessions included many practices that I have used for years as part of my interdisciplinary visual art, namely: divination, meditation, and shamanic practice. Our meetings were so revelatory and moving and the results so sustainable, that I streamlined the practices in order to offer them more widely. (Read testimonial here.)

Purpose & Benefits

I wanted more clarity about the purpose of this styling work and I journeyed for the answers. In a vision, I asked my guide, a young doe, for insight into the purpose of styling. She quickly brought me to the edge of a small lake, and I could see through a clearing in tall grasses, a white crane, pristine, standing at the far bank. I then began to see clothing appear around the perimeter of this lake, mostly hidden in the trees. Much of it was green and difficult to see, and so I looked more carefully. It was certainly there, just well camouflaged. Then appeared certain red, diaphanous silhouettes. The crane chose one of these brightly colored garments and draped it over his head and eyes: “The purpose of styling is shape-shifting. It is to give new sight.”

Deer. Mori Sosen (1747 –1821)

The process of style is not primarily one of identity or of how you are seen. It is rather, how you see. In shamanic tradition, shape-shifting is the ability to change form and in so doing, to take on the vision or perspective, as well as the power, of the form you inhabit. This ability enables you to choose your vision. You can use perspectival shifts to move into greater alignment with your purpose.


1. Welcome Questionnaire. An in-depth, initial questionnaire begins generating awareness and helps frame our intentions and expectations for our work together!

2. Intake Call. In this 1 hour phone, skype, or facetime session, we’ll discuss the questionnaire in more depth.

3. Core Sessions. The heart of the process is in these core, KonMari-inspired sessions, broken into three parts.   Before each session, I will give you any specific guidelines or instructions for that particular session. We will spend time with your material belongings and consider your relationship to them.

  • Session 1: Clothing Assessment
  • Session 2: Shoes & Accessories   
  • Session 3: Styling Session – We’ll put it all together in a styling session based on your new awareness and on your intentions for going forward. Before I join you for our Styling Session, I will be using a Shamanic Journeying Process as well as divination tools to bring additional awareness and support for your journey. I will share this with you during this session.

4. Closing Session. In a final 1 hour meeting, we can reflect on and celebrate your journey. I will deliver your Style Portrait. I will be creating a personalized Style Portrait and image-based, style guide for you based on our work together. This will take the form of a full color magazine which you will receive in PDF and print formats

Let’s get started!

To begin, all we need to do is schedule our meetings! The first, 1 hour Intake Interview can be done via telephone, skype, or facetime. It can be done as soon as you return your completed Welcome Questionnaire. The next three sessions will be your two-hour long Core Sessions and will happen weekly at your home. Finally, we’ll schedule our Closing Meeting and the delivery of your personalized Style Portrait

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns as we go along. I am truly grateful to embark on this process with you!

Peace and Light, Gabriella