Healer:  Edison Woods, ethereal, channeled, spirit, feminine, somber, creamy, gold, velvet, lace     

Hogan McLaughlin 2017

Human: California casual, embodied, comfort, yoga, simplicity, movement, good quality fabrics, support engagement with animals/nature/body   

Jinxproof – Lida Egorova by Paolo Roversi

Artist: eclectic, pattern, mixing elements, unconventional, experimentation, playful – *Note – Play – Leaving energetic space is a way of living with the unknown. This can be a scary space, or a space where things bubble up to fill as soon as it’s empty. In other words, an unintentional space. Identity and Scarcity tend to rule this domain, both of which are fueled by consumer capitalism. Filling this space often brings feelings of overwhelm and “analysis paralysis” – too many choices!  If this unknown space can be one of hope, play, experimentation, and curiosity, the fear aspect can be transformed. Play can be a crucial element in that alchemy.  It is also essential in moving towards greater alignment with soul purpose.

Jinxproof by Paolo Roversi

New Directions:   

  1. Japanese   
  2. Structure/Mind – *Note – One of the things I find so compelling about your approach to your courses is the incredible intellectual power and lucidity you bring to your work and offerings. We talked about contrast in terms of light and dark balance, which in some ways I think of as an emotional or spiritual balance. Intellectual power, on the other hand, I find akin to consensus reality. It is what allows one to be effective at translating and communicating. It is a component to, in your words, “productive course development”, “making changes”, and “freedom from limited ideas”.  All of this is to say, I got an image that it might be fun for you to try something like a structured jacket instead of a cardigan sweater! Mind = structure in service of spirit.
Hogan McLaughlin
Hogan McLaughlin
Unknown – Street Style

Visualize Idyllwild

Tend the imagination of being/working/eating/caring for your new home. Note concrete details of dress.

Confront Waste

Ritualize or strategize for release of things that no longer serve.

Reveal Assumptions

The way we describe certain items points to unconscious beliefs. For shorthand: the “just” category (I “just” wear this around the house, “just” to walk the dog, etc.). This category is comprised of items most taken for granted, often described as “comfortable”, “regular”, or relegated to activities where others don’t see us, but often where we spend the most time. Sit with statements around expectations or semi-conscious rules like, “not supposed to wear all black.”

Leave Space for Mystery

Don’t fill space to capacity. Leave empty room in closets or drawers. Seeing these empty containers is a way of visualizing energetic potential; framing it in concrete terms. It can be liberating.