The Flying Fish

I arrive at the field and see the tiger. I look deep into the tall grass and he emerges. He only comes when there is a message about fear. Do not fear your own power. Do not fear that the different parts of your own nature are at odds. I move through the woods and see a river down a hillside, but my attention is suddenly drawn towards the sky. Blue. Iridescent. I think it must be a fish, but I have to stay and watch because I don’t understand why it is so high in the sky, above the river, above the woods. It swims through the air with blue wings outstretched, almost one with a glittering sky, except for it’s undulating flight. At home both above and below.

Inspiration: Monochrome

Provisional Theory 1: Color – bold color, pattern, and print supports playfulness, creativity, experimentation, femininity, and power. If these tools are not invoked, subdued colors can be used to similar effect with exaggerated monochrome and bold accents/accessories

Inspiration: Athleisure

Provisional Theory 2:

Experiment with athleisure used as “neutrals”. This will integrate and unify collection of eclectic pieces with items that are 1. comfortable w/out that being their only characteristic 2. Support priority activities of movement, hiking, biking 3. Creates a flexible wardrobe that allows outfits to transition from commute – work – social

Stella McCartney x Addidas $180

To replace the little white tank you have:

Athleisure layered T-Shirt $24.99 Sports top in soft, fast-drying functional fabric with cap sleeves. Longer inner top with racer back.

Athleisure Leggings and Tops for Everyday

Quilted, Down-filled poncho $268

Inspiration: Replace “regular” with value-aligned

Provisional Theory 3:

There is a general impression of overwhelm because these “neutrals” aren’t truly neutral. Each of the items that fall into that terrain, could be swapped out for an either an elevated version, or for a version that while still appropriate, captures some of the elements which manifest personal power (for example, a cocktail dress in a conservative shape and fabric, but with a bold, modern pattern or a solid color, with an unexpected, sculptural shape.

Refined Sweatshirt that helps integrate and elevate $99 This could be an example a great fitting athleisure sweatshirt with some kind of detailing (interesting neckline/drawstring at waist) vs. an oversized hand-me-down)

Printed Leggings – I could see these under dresses (I would experiment with printed dresses for pattern mixing) , or under that long blue jacket you have, with some of your boxy button down shirts

Shorts $24.99 Fitted outdoor shorts in fast-drying, functional stretch fabric. Zip fly with snap fastener and hook-loop safety fastener at waistband. Front pockets with zip and leg pocket with zip. Stretch panel at gusset for maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

These dresses seem to capture the kind of femininity you’re moving towards. They are conservative and feminine shapes with flowing fabrics, but they have bold and interesting graphics. I could see these at some of the military parties you were talking about where you want to belong, but not lose your sense of vision. I could also see you wearing these to work with a pair of sneakers and/or a windbreaker. Or for a meeting or presentation with a blazer/jacket I think the blue and white dress could mix with something like your cropped Madewell jacket, and the pattern mixing and restrained palette would temper the traditional quality of the jacket while integrating your pieces and maintaining the eclectic quality of your style.

Wedding/Party $150 This reminds me of your white dress that has the sheer fabric underneath and showing in the back. I love the structure mixed with the softer lace as an updated feminine. I think you might resist this color, and perhaps it wouldn’t work, but I was really enjoying seeing you in the bold colors you have and it wouldn’t surprise me if this color looked amazing on you!
Another great party/work dress $175

Inspiration: Quality, Care, Fabric

Provisional Theory 4:

A lot of clothing needed ironing and/or had staining. As new things come in, considering more low maintenance fabric options might create more ease.

Jogger $24.99 Sports pants in fast-drying mesh with wide elastication and drawstring at waist. Side pockets and tapered legs with jersey stripes along sides. Ribbed hems.
J Crew Factory – Sale $49.50
Dansko $89.97
Kork_Ease $179.95

Inspiration: Eclectic

Provisional Theory 5:

Integrating a complex wardrobe usually involves at least 3 pieces to capture the different attitudes in the various clothes. The goal could be one of two things: to create positive tension, intentional contrast, or to diffuse the tension by connecting  the pieces and or adding additional pieces for a more complex picture. Use shoes, accessories, and even makeup to help balance and integrate. With a complicated wardrobe, each piece should be pulling it’s weight.

As I looked for inspirational images for you, I kept being drawn to Jenna Lyons and to artist Tony Gum . . .

Final Thoughts

Provisional Theory 6:

Examine the use of the word “just”.  It’s “just” comfortable. It’s “just” for walking the dog. It’s “just” for running errands. It can indicate an area that we most especially take for granted and those areas are potentially the richest to mine for self revelation. What are the things we default to? What tacit assumptions do we make about ourselves or our activities? How might bringing more intention and awareness to these areas contribute to focus, clarity, and manifestation in our lives?