Milk Moon

Full Moon and Wave by Kamisaka Sekka 1866 – 1942.

This time calls us to move forward in earthly action, committed to and guided by our higher calling, defined through April’s decisive, full moon. There will be the temptations of the ego, selfishness, and overly analytical thinking pulling us back as we attempt to commit the ecstatic energy of rebirth into focused practice. Fear and lack of clarity cling to the self that died in order to be reborn under last month’s powerful Egg Moon. The antidote comes in this Flower Moon, this Milky abundance: self-discipline and service.

Don’t look for the living among the dead.

Join our gathering in Brooklyn this Sunday May12th, Mother’s Day, from 1pm – 3pm at Domestic Performance Agency.

New Moon in Taurus

May 4th 2019

The new moon can bring strong emotions— and the opportunity to reflect on them.  It is a time for new beginnings, when the moon is emptied out and ready to receive. This is the time for intention setting. Use the prompts below to track the Taurus energy this month.

Rabbit at full moon, Ohara Koson

Goals: Here is a list of Taurus-themed goals to capitalize on the month’s energy in order to bring awareness and cement intentions for release and manifestation. Aim to accomplish at least two by the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18th. Keep a journal of your success!

  1. Practice Patience! Bring awareness to everyday circumstances, ones you might ordinarily face with impatience. Instead practice patience through breath and kindness.
  2. Enjoy simple, physical pleasures such as food and movement.
  3. Practice good stewardship over your material belongings as acts of living in abundance.
  4. Re-allocate time instead of money.
  5. Slow down. Stop and smell the roses. Become in touch with your own body’s clock.
  6. Practice perseverance.
  7. Discover your own personal desires.
  8. Donate time or money to a charitable cause.

Practice Taurus Awareness:

As an earth sign, Taurus is grounded in sensual, material pursuits. However, without the guidance of Spirit, these themes become unhinged and no longer serve our highest good. Let the earthly actions of Taurus support the commitments of our prime decisions.

With the new moon in Taurus, set an intention to pay attention to the things that bring up issues of self-worth, patience, materialism, and stubbornness.

Keep a journal:

  1. I felt un-worthy (stubborn, avaricious, impatient, scarcity) when . . .
  2. I felt this way because . . .
  3. An alternative narrative . . .

Setting intentions:

Write up to 10 intentions for this new moon in the spirit of Taurus energy. Articulate your intentions in the first person. Use positive and growth-oriented statements. Taurus energy rules sensuality, contentment, perseverance, patience, self-worth, handling money, and releasing stubbornness. Examples of Taurus intention setting:

My self-care practices bring awareness to the abundance in which I live.

I am aware of my body’s clock, not an external timetable dictating expectations and goals.

“Nothing is in the mind, that is not first in the senses.”

The Tarot revelation for the preparation of this month’s Full Moon Gathering, while at first a surprise, soon settled into sense on multiple levels and relevance for many close to me. The primary card, the Two of Swords depicts a woman, blindfolded, under the moon, in front of the water. Her choices are weighing equally upon her. On what grounds should she decide? She requires light, the removal of the blindfold. This light can be interpreted as intellect and clarity. She will also need to marshal her intuition, represented by the moon, prominent above her.

April’s Egg Moon symbolizes renewal and rejuvenation. It is important to reflect on where we are coming from in this transition from one moon to the next, in order to embody and contextualize the change. Last month’s Worm Moon thaw prepared for the coming of the egg. It readied the ground. The theme of the Worm Moon was chaos, a primordial and undifferentiated state. Like the ancient cosmic egg, this moon signifies the imminence of light, not yet manifest. It is the first movement out of the chaos, but still a sort of suspension, a period of interiority before fully entering the world. We are in SUPERPOSITION. Possibilities abound. This is the image of the Two of Swords.

Sometimes we intentionally choose not to see aspects of the decisions we face, or perhaps we don’t have all of the information. Sometimes, information is kept from us through deceit. Alternately, there is only one force that changes the egg from potential to actual: Consciousness. Consciousness, or awareness, is the spiritual catalyst that paradoxically separates and connects us to the external world. The superposition collapses into one or another of the possible definite states. 
The indecision reflected in the Two of Swords is resolved only with awareness. It is the moon – intuition – that makes way for birth.

There are two cards which further define the poles, or swords, considered by the Two of Swords. The two forces that must unite or yield for the hatching of the egg. 

On the one hand, the Six of Wands reversed suggests having reached a significant development in personal growth, but this is a private success, not ready for sharing with the world.  To move towards the Full Moon, we must ask, “Why am I resistant to share at this time?”

This is a card about developing your own definition of success, not comparing yourself to others or seeking approval from outside of yourself. To move forward, we must ask, “What does success look like for me?”

At times, the reversed Six of Wands suggests that you did not receive the public recognition you were seeking. There may be disappointment, discouragement, or expectations that were in some other way not met. This discouragement may have affected you more deeply, wounding your confidence or feelings of worthiness. If a particular project has not been as successful as you had hoped, you may be better off moving to a new environment so you can rebuild your personal brand rather than trying to fix something already broken.

Beware of EGO, the shadow side of this card.

The other sword, balanced in contemplation, is illuminated in the Three of Pentacles. This card represents collaboration and the first steps towards implementation. It is about manifesting that vision of success (provided in the contemplation of the Six of Wands) with the help of others who may be more experienced, but more importantly, who offer different and complementary skills.

This card suggests there is a long road ahead toward the building of a timeless and ambitious structure, but it encourages you along the path by affirming the personal growth and developments present in the Six of Wands.  The image of the Cathedral in the card suggests the goal, structure, or purpose aimed for is aligned with one’s highest purpose, and beyond the individual good. This card encourages patience, planning, and collaboration, but the assurance that you have an indispensable role, which you are already underway in playing.

The work of this month is a navigation between the self and others in service of a both deeply personal, yet higher cause. It is the very call to be born, an integration that resolves the tension between the one and the many. The consciousness that cracks the cosmic egg.

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Complicit: Erasure of the Body

#MeToo, Marriage, and the Other Woman included as part of Nasty Women Connecticut and Yale Divinity School’s exhibition  “Complicit- Erasure of the Body”.

Location: Yale Divinity School
Walls on the entire first floor, Marquand Chapel and the outdoor courtyard.

Events related to the exhibition will take place throughout New Haven in partnership with Black Lives Matter New Haven, New Haven Pride Center, Yale Law School, Interference Archive, and more.

Important Dates:
Exhibition: March 4th – 31st, 2019
Opening Reception: March 8th, 6-8pm 2019