Moving Toward the Cold Moon

This full moon in Gemini certainly carries the metaphorical fullness of culmination that attends each cycle, perhaps because it is the final full moon not only of this year, but also of the decade. It reaches peak fullness on Dec. 12 at 12:13 a.m. EST, however it will rise around 4:18 pm. on Dec. 11 for observers on the U.S. East Coast.

Kay Nielsen

The fullness of this moon may feel overwhelming, with a particular kind of stop and start energy. As the momentous decade comes to a close, there have been many revelations and moments of reckoning making sure we close out this period in full awareness of the patterns and stories we will not be taking into the future. This feeling of revelation is matched by an inability to yet synthesize it’s full meaning. There has been space created by our broken patterns, this can be a terrain of fear, aka the unknown. It is also a space of mystery. The attitude best suited to this time is one of curiosity and adventure. The synthesis of meaning is a creative act requiring all of our restored and healed capacities that this year has prepared us for. It is a kind of story telling created in practice and commitment and 2020 will bring that next chapter. In the meantime, we can become comfortable with this twilight between past and future. This is a characteristic the airy and dual Gemini spirit.

Shannon Berberich @moonowlholllow

The divination for this final full moon of the year recognizes this twilight of the unknown and asks us to reclaim our strength and the conviction of our own true voice, last month’s discernment, in order to manifest our authority in 2020.

What characterizes the transition from last month’s Beaver Moon to this Cold Moon?

The tower reversed is the card of inner transformation and upheaval. In other words, this transition is characterized by transition itself. We have awakened spiritually and that is not always a comfortable place because it means an overthrow of the ego, or of our identity. The ego desperately grasps for the familiar and resists the unknown with it’s whole being, because the unknown can mark a kind of ego death.

What are we leaving behind?

In order to face our own mysteries, we are given Strength reversed. We are asked to leave self-doubt in the past. This includes the setbacks, injuries, and narratives that support and nurture feelings of lack or unworthiness. We are called instead to nurture our history of resilience. We must nurture our ongoing commitment to ourselves and focus on our triumphant stories in order to continue to heal those aspects of ourselves and in so doing, to live in our confidence.

Approach the mystery of your life with the curiosity it deserves. You are your own wonder, or in the words of @Undakova, “Perhaps You are the miracle.”

What are we moving toward?

Christmas Eve  –  L.Birge Harrison

As a symbol of intellectual power and authority The King of Swords implies the new clarity you will both discover and create as you courageously move into the new year. The Kind of Swords marshals the discernment of last month and elevates it. His confidence allows for authority and instills confidence in others so that he may make his discernment manifest. This is the card of truth. The ingredients are courage of conviction, inner knowing or discernment which requires the spiritual health to be in alignment, and finally the confidence and intellect required to manifest that inner energy into the world.

The Kind of Swords is the card of speaking your truth, a complex spiritual journey which 2019, and indeed this entire decade, has prepared you for.

Sometimes the dark is the light. You are ready! XO

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