New Moon in Taurus

May 4th 2019

The new moon can bring strong emotions— and the opportunity to reflect on them.  It is a time for new beginnings, when the moon is emptied out and ready to receive. This is the time for intention setting. Use the prompts below to track the Taurus energy this month.

Rabbit at full moon, Ohara Koson

Goals: Here is a list of Taurus-themed goals to capitalize on the month’s energy in order to bring awareness and cement intentions for release and manifestation. Aim to accomplish at least two by the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18th. Keep a journal of your success!

  1. Practice Patience! Bring awareness to everyday circumstances, ones you might ordinarily face with impatience. Instead practice patience through breath and kindness.
  2. Enjoy simple, physical pleasures such as food and movement.
  3. Practice good stewardship over your material belongings as acts of living in abundance.
  4. Re-allocate time instead of money.
  5. Slow down. Stop and smell the roses. Become in touch with your own body’s clock.
  6. Practice perseverance.
  7. Discover your own personal desires.
  8. Donate time or money to a charitable cause.

Practice Taurus Awareness:

As an earth sign, Taurus is grounded in sensual, material pursuits. However, without the guidance of Spirit, these themes become unhinged and no longer serve our highest good. Let the earthly actions of Taurus support the commitments of our prime decisions.

With the new moon in Taurus, set an intention to pay attention to the things that bring up issues of self-worth, patience, materialism, and stubbornness.

Keep a journal:

  1. I felt un-worthy (stubborn, avaricious, impatient, scarcity) when . . .
  2. I felt this way because . . .
  3. An alternative narrative . . .

Setting intentions:

Write up to 10 intentions for this new moon in the spirit of Taurus energy. Articulate your intentions in the first person. Use positive and growth-oriented statements. Taurus energy rules sensuality, contentment, perseverance, patience, self-worth, handling money, and releasing stubbornness. Examples of Taurus intention setting:

My self-care practices bring awareness to the abundance in which I live.

I am aware of my body’s clock, not an external timetable dictating expectations and goals.

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