Men’s Cologne

DREAMLIFE: A collection of women’s dreams, recorded and then translated here as part of the Female Background metabolism. A way in, a way out.

I was married to some man who was, I don’t know, powerful in some way and we were having a romantic dinner outside somewhere and all of a sudden   a big , like stretch-limo type of car drove up with this whole militia force, it was an African militia force all African men and the leader came out and my husband handed me over to him as some kind of payment or bribe or something like that and this man was carrying me and I was trying to figure out whether I should to escape or whether I should try to make myself friendly to him so he wouldn’t hurt me, umm, and he was kind of talking about how finally, like, how I was his, stuff like that. I did finally manage to escape and snuck into, umm, a house, and in that house there were two kids who had been kind of left behind by their parents in some way. And I crawled into the bed and there was a little boy, a young boy, I don’t know probably 3 or 4 years old, in the bed, and I told him to be quiet because people were looking for him and we needed to hide, but he didn’t stay very long, he got out of the bed because he had to go to the bathroom; he was peeing his pants.

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